You Were Made to Measure

Whether you measure in inches, yards, or miles, every step you take builds toward the man you will become. Wagoner Green knows you always need to look your best on life’s journey. Our custom made-to-measure service ensures your modern look becomes your classic style. Made-to-measure is precisely that. Made to fit you perfectly. Measured by the ultimate standard.

From Measured to Made

1. Consult

Your consultation provides the certainty that your style will be captured. Your initial session with Clinton Wagoner will cover everything we need to know to ensure your wardrobe fits your personality, your needs, and your lifestyle.

2. Measure

Our made-to-measure process is a meticulous task, yet has been simplified through our decades of experience in the industry of clothes-making. Clinton Wagoner makes the marks that always hit the mark.

3. Fit

Your initial fitting and final fitting guarantees your absolute satisfaction with every garment produced, whether slacks, shirt, or suit. These fittings solidify the made-to-measure process and allow Wagoner Green to make clothes fitted to perfection.

4. Deliver

Receiving your made-to-measure garment isn’t just a moment in time, it’s an event. Wagoner Green works tirelessly to assemble and complete the perfect garment with every stitch, every button, and every piece of material.

Do You Measure Up?

Get Measured