Bespoke Tailor

Men are measured from the ground up. The rough and tumble of life has made us who we are. Cologne and clean shaves keep us presentable to a world that prefers conformity over authenticity. But nothing can remove the rugged individualism that comes with the grit of the grindstone and the dirt of hard work. Wagoner Green tailors your wardrobe to your originality so that you can meet the world head on. Grit. Rugged. Determined. Original.

  • 1. Consult

    Your wardrobe should represent you. Every client of Wagoner Green sits down with Clinton Wagoner to discuss who they are, what they like, and what they need from their wardrobe. Our work is set out to best present and represent you.

  • 2. Draft

    A style is selected. Measurements are taken. Clinton Wagoner devotes himself to drafting the highest quality suit, shirt, or slacks to fit the client. The perfect fit that can only fit one.

  • 3. Baste

    Upon a completed draft, the basting begins. The garments are assembled and the initial fitting is conducted. With meticulous attention to detail, every centimeter is accounted and every angle is balanced.

  • 4. Fitting

    A bespoke tailored suit should settle comfortably into the realm of perfection. The feel, the look, the touch should assemble perfectly in order. In the final fitting, Wagoner Green ascertains the certainty of all three.

  • 5. Finish

    Every piece of clothing is pinked to ensure every client has the completed garment they were expecting. A garment that is perfectly suited to their body, their style, and their liking. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be a product. It should be a production.

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