• Handcrafting your style to perfection.

    Bespoke tailored clothes means everything is handcrafted from scratch to suit you perfectly. Your complete style. Your complete satisfaction.

  • Measured by the ultimate standard.

    These precise measurements ensure the highest quality and the perfect fit. Your style selected and crafted to fit you at every turn.

Draft Your Authenticity.

Wagoner Green always integrates the modern with the classic. Everything we do comes pinked, which means made with extra care, so you receive nothing but what is authentically you.

Meet The Founder

Wagoner Green was founded by Clinton Wagoner, who has worked for more than a decade with some of the nation’s most prestigious clients at some of the most sought-after custom clothiers, including Tom Ford and House of Bijan. The fashion forward designs of Wagoner Green center around what is coming out of London and Milan. Clinton Wagoner loves the history of tailoring, yet ensures none of his clients look dated. At Wagoner Green, the measure of a man is always a clean and masculine silhouette.

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